This week I was hit hard, yet again, with my sinusitis. Every year about this time the leaves are falling, the winds are changing (why hasn’t Mary Poppins been by yet?) and my allergies wreak havoc on my system. As I’ve gotten older I have realized this will be a reoccurring event and I must embrace and take charge of it. But I digress I am not here to write about my bodily functions but rather the wonder that I see in the world.

Instead of focusing on the dread of one stuffy and one runny nostril I am in awe of the beauty around me in nature. This last week the leaves have been falling in large numbers. The car free of leaves in the morning is covered by the afternoon. My driveway is leaf littered and more fall every minute. I love it!

The sun is shining, the air is warm, the leaves crunch under foot. Fall ushers in a magical event I for one have been taking for granted. Change is in the air, and it smells of firewood, spices, crisp air and apples. I am blessed to be living in a place surrounded by trees ever changing and putting on a show. I sat this morning with my cup of tea and watched the leaves twist and twirl in their downward descent to the ground. My gravel driveway is gone. Now it is a blanket of fallen colorful gifts from the trees above, beckoning one and all to frolic beneath their now mostly bare branches. To those who heed the call a shower of falling leaves is given. Landing lightly upon heads, bestowing a blessing from nature upon the joyful recipient.

The awe inspiring views where I live have brought me to appreciate this changing season in all of its glory, even with my nasally voice. Instead of speaking I will walk outside and see if the trees will grant me some of their joy and experience from this last year they have been standing and watching the world. Take a moment and enjoy what is around you. Find what you are missing and taking for granted.