This last year I turned 38. Only TWO more years until I hit my 40 year mark. It’s not the age which has me gasping, it is my 40 by 40 goal list I had set out to accomplish, originally written in 2014. I have updated the list over the years but have not REALLY committed to the harder goals. Let’s take a quick recap.

1. Get to a healthy body/lifestyle. I started working on this two years ago but fell behind, sigh.
2. Complete our family. Two years ago we rounded out our family with our fourth and final child. This year I made the decision permanent and I will no longer be having any kids.
3. Run and complete 5k. Done, multiple times and ways
4. Complete a MudRun/FunRun/WarriorDash race. Remember when I died and became a Spartan? yep done!
5. Go on a cruise. Sadly I don’t think this one is going to happen. Between schedules and kids and finances, sigh.
6. Visit at least 1/3 of the LDS temples While I have visited a few more over the years there is absolutely no way I have visited 1/3 of even the ones in the US (as I altered)
7. Be free of unsecured debt and have rainy day fund built up comfortably. Oh brother… well I have a few more years to work on this
8. Travel to Jerusalem. Sigh… see #5
9. Read all Jane Austin’s novels. hmm being on lock down with CoVID19 this may come to pass!
10. Go sky diving, at least once. Sigh, again #5 and #8
11. Go to a major league sports game with AJ. I don’t think this will happen as it does not seem to be an interest on his part or enough of mine for me to push for it to happen. Le sigh
12. Go to a movie alone. I did this one in December! It was weird at first.
13. Go camping with just the husband. Sigh, the goals I had set, such lofty expectations.
14.  Visit the beach/ocean/shore on the East Coast. Ok I’ve got to try to get this one done this summer, I keep saying “this summer” every year to the kids.
15. Attend a show on Broadway. Off Broadway counts in my book for this one, Kinky Boots and Rockettes.
16. Go to a concert in a park. I almost made this happen last year but had conflicting schedules with a free local concert dang it!
17. Write a letter to myself to read in 10 years. I started this one at the end of last year and hope to complete it soon.
18. Go scuba diving. Man I want to explore the world and be adventurous, what the fae!
19. Learn a foreign language so I can fluently speak it. Still cracking down on this one with Duolingo and Spanish
20. ID and permanently remove a bad habit. Maybe I should change this to identifying bad habits haha. I can’t bring myself to doing this one
21. Visit and help out at a food kitchen. I have not had luck finding a local soup kitchen to volunteer with. Anyone have suggestions on where or how to start?
22. Go to a mystery dinner. There are a few every year locally but I never get it on my schedule. Anyone want to go to one with me?
23. Learn to crochet. I have completed a few little projects but am not at the comfort level I want, YET!
24. Organize all my old pictures and put them with my new ones into albums/scrapbooks. This has surprisingly been coming along, although not intentionally. I’ve been cleaning up and out boxes and storage.
25. Take a dance class. I can’t find one I can go to alone. Sigh
26. Actually make at least half the crafts on my Pinterest craft board. Think I need to clean up my boards first haha
27. Send notes/cards for every birthday, anniversary and event during one year for all my friends and family. I did this one year and it was fun. There are a lot to keep up with but I enjoyed doing it.
28. Randomly send 12 “just because” gifts to unsuspecting friends/family members. I have done a few but not 12, yet. 🙂
29. Donate my hair. Done.
30. Learn how to play the guitar. Ambitious little thing
31. Learn and be fluent in ASL. This is actually a lot harder than I had imagined, BUT it is coming along, albeit slowly.
32. Take a weekend trip to Vermont during the fall. Perhaps this will be the year?
33. Go rafting and/or canoeing down the Delaware River. Ok I need someone with a boat, because the local businesses are a bit expensive.
34. Hike part of the Appalachian trail. Need to get this one in the books
35. Be more self-reliant on fixing my car. I have not had the time or the desire for this one.
36. Really learn how to sew on my sewing machine. I haven’t made a wardrobe of clothes but I have hemmed, repaired and even made a few items. I’m not a seamstress by trade but I feel comfortable with my machine.
37. Take a real trip and visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World. hmm where would you go?
38. Learn to surf, and do it. This may be one that I don’t accomplish, priorities.
39. Start a garden to grow my own produce and keep it up. I did try to start a garden but the forest took it over and didn’t let me keep it up. I’m going to try to start again this year.
40. Take time out of my day, at least once a month to catch up with an old friend via phone, visit or letter. This one I have done this last year, not cognisantly (that’s a word right?) but I have been keeping in touch more with friends.

Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. I am okay with not completing some of these goal items. I am learning more about myself through the process and becoming who I want to be, which is ultimately the purpose of setting goals. It’s okay to fail and have set backs. Being flexible and welcome to change will open new roads and opportunities.

What are some of your goals you’ve set over the years? Have you reevaluated and made changes? What’s on your bucket list?