I make to-do lists almost everyday. Sometimes it helps keep me on track and other days it’s a list for another time πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Some days, when I’m feeling accomplished but my to-do list isn’t getting marked off, I make a ta-da list πŸŽ‰ There is even a honey-do list. Both AJ and I manage and maintain the house 🏑. It’s a lot of work! My honey-do list has been growing longer lately as we have both been busy. Today I was printed down the path of honey-do…Let me tell you a story…

J found a bottle of almost gone, baby proof lid, mouth wash. Yep he opened it and dumped it on my carpet. No big deal I’ll get the carpet cleaner! BIG mistake… I start to clean up the spill ew the smell was so gross 🀒

This is not worth the smell, towel on the floor. I decide to take apart and clean out the carpet cleaner. (The irony of cleaning a cleaning tool is not lost on me.) Ok, no big deal according to all the videos it’s a matter of pushing buttons to release some pieces and rinse them out. WRONG! Apparently our model (same model as the easy removal) needs to be unscrewed in multiple places πŸ˜‘ Fine I can take care of this… almost 90 minutes later it is disassembled and cleaned, nay scrubbed out. I got this! I can easily put it back together! Oh wait one of the rubber belts is a little bigger than the other… oh look it’s worn out, better make a mental note to order a new one. πŸ˜” In the meantime, put it back together and do NOT use it until the new part arrives and you install it (dual mental note made).

Time to clean out the tub 🀒 so much nastiness and hair (girls and pets) from cleaning the carpet cleaner.

While I’m here I might as well try to fix the drain stopper, it hasn’t been completely stopping up during bath time and has been slow draining as well.

Twist, twist, twist… not moving… ok time to try something else. Flat head screw driver to help separate and give some leverage; twist, twist, twist… off it comes! The drain clearly needs to be cleaned out from all the hair. Done βœ…

Now why is it not stopping up properly? Oh look the rubber seal is pushed up underneath the stopper head… take it back out… twist, twist, twist back on. βœ…

Run the water, stop up the drain πŸ™Œ success! πŸ› Tub and shower may now be properly used again!

Considering I was starting to fold clean laundry when the excitement began I call this a win. I may not have done my to-do but bet your buttons two items are on my ta-da list and off my honey-do list!

So many of our daily cleaning items have to be cleaned themselves. It seems a bit redundant and excessive but it is a good idea to clean brooms, nips, carpet cleaners, washing machines, dish washers, etc. What are some gross things you’ve had to clean? Do you make to-do lists?