We have been busy these last few months and I’ve had a lot on my mind I want to share with you but for now I want to share what we have been up to.

Middle of June I took K and J with me to California for my nephew’s high school graduation celebration. S chose to stay at a friend’s house during the day while AJ went to work (drill weekend).

We had a great time with family at my grandparent’s home, the beach and Legoland. We live so far away it is difficult getting together often. We rarely have all my mom’s kids in the same place either, this time was no exception.

Flying with these two was an adventure
Trying to get J to sit still for a photo was rough
Adventures in nap time
J with Papa
Two of my most favorite people in the world
J and Grandma C, they made friendly
The little cousins who were there
Beach babes, love my sisters
Beach hair don’t care! Love this place
K and mommy wading in the ocean
J was not a fan of sand at first…
Sister love!
J loved the hotel pancakes 😆
J not quite sure what to think of his uncle
Kids on a bouncing ride… they were thrilled promise
Weee airplanes!
The smirk!
No license for this kid yet
Strollers are the best!
Getting splashed was fun!
Monkey on a plane!