Two weeks ago I was in an accident with my Honda Odyssey and the poor girl is a total loss.

For the first week AJ was able to borrow a friend’s car so I would be able to still have a vehicle to get the kids around. Week two AJ was in Arkansas for some military training so I had the car that week as well. This week K started day care and goes in early with AJ (love that they have this new opportunity to bond) so I am at home with S and J sans a vehicle.

For weeks I have been researching and trying to find the right vehicle to fit our family. This is no easy task with two in a car seat BTW

First vehicle we found sold before we received the insurance money. Vehicle two sold the day before we were able to get to the dealer. Same dealer had other vehicles we wanted to look at as well.

Oy! Short version?

  1. EVERY dealer marks up theirs prices
  2. Online photos don’t show you what’s wrong with the vehicle
  3. We live in the forest… dealerships are not close by.
  4. I’m a woman but I’m not an idiot. It’s insulting when my husband instantly receives a lower offer on a vehicle than the one I was quoted. Who do they think makes the final decision on the vehicle I will be driving? 🤦🏻‍♀️

So back to the drawing board of finding vehicles for sale. Wish me luck!