This year Little Red turns 9! Man I can’t believe this little girl is getting so close to being a teenager! Each year she takes treats in to school for sharing with her classmates. Last year AJ made massive cupcakes. This year I opted to make the cupcakes. Like most of the other times I bake I forgot to get a finished product photo! Here are the cupcakes prior to frosting them.

I used this recipe with store bought confetti cake. I did whip the egg whites before adding in the cake mix portion. They did not come out as gooey as anticipated. The first batch was more moist on top (the filling did not settle into the cake mix). So with the second batch (she has more than 24 kids in her class) I put 1Tbsp of mix then the filling and topped with another Tbsp of mix. They taste great but did not have a gooey center filling as we thought. Kara Jane (blog owner) has a delicious butter cream frosting recipe I used for decorating the cupcakes too. We opted for strawberry extract and a little gave the perfect hint. Little Red decorated the cupcakes with edible pink and white pearls. (I found one!)

Birthday tradition dictates she get to choose dinner and her favorite cake. S kept going back and forth on ice cream cake vs ice cream and cake. She settled on confetti cake with birthday flavor ice cream. All along her theme has been Ninjago. I am new to the decorating world so when she showed me what she wanted I talked her down (hostage negotiator in the making!) I ended up buying (unbeknownst to the birthday girl) some Ninjago off brand Legos to top the cake. Since she invited a few people over to help eat cake I decided a sheet cake would be best and after much searching finally found a recipe for an 11 by 15 pan here. The same buttercream recipe from the cupcakes is on the cake underneath a layer of homemade fondant. PS if you don’t have cake flour (I sure didn’t) I found this neat hack using corn starch and all-purpose flour. After everything cooled and set in I attempted homemade fondant. It’s a simple mixture of marshmallows, chocolate and powdered sugar. Kneading, smoothing and flattening it out to the right shape was slightly more tricky than anticipated. I ended up cutting the 11 by 15 cake in half to make a double layer 11 by 7.5 cake. Decorations were simple, a few balls of fondant to make the cake a lego piece and I let S assemble her Ninjago legos on top with the candles.

She enjoyed the cake and even better enjoyed her birthday. I definitely need to do more practicing to perfect my decorating skills.