Hey hey welcome to 2019!! Yes I know I’m a week late but you’ll forgive me. We took a little road trip to Michigan for Christmas break to visit family. Most of his side of the family lives there and while his mom and her husband are able to come visit us about once a year during the summer, we rarely see the rest of the family. The last time we were there K was about J’s age… yep it’s been awhile. We arrive home and all zombie walk to our beds at 5:30am the 27th. It’s a long drive with three little kids in the back of a car… plus stopping to change diapers and nurse! AJ driving home is not feeling 100% but we chalk it up to overindulging in holiday food and the lack of sleep.

After a few hours of rest Thursday morning we have our little family Christmas.  Nothing beats being home in your own bed and comfortable known surroundings. Also not having to sssh the kids for fear of upsetting neighboring hotel stayers is a big bonus. It is a day of relaxing, unwinding and enjoying being home with each other (sans Dawn, sigh).

As we approach the New Year’s Eve we anticipate a few people coming to visit and stock up on the essential all night snacks and goodies. The little boys fall asleep around their normal bed time. No visitors come to celebrate with us (are we becoming THAT couple?). The three of us left standing (AJ, myself and S) round off the night by watching the ball drop (totally sponsored by Planet Fitness in case you missed all of their subtle advertising) in Time’s Square on our tv, drink some apple cider (delicious from a local cider mill in Michigan and a gift from AJ’s sister Mary) and some hugs and kisses. Off to bed with S while AJ and I stay up a bit longer chatting, cleaning and contemplating life in this new year.

New Year’s Day J is a bit fussier than usual with a mild fever. Not much to be done for the wee lad. Next taken down is K, thought to be still in recovery mode until he spikes a fever. Queue sort throat for S on Wednesday morning, sneaky kid trying to get out of going to school. Nope, she has a fever too. Great! Happy freaking New Year, you have a house full of sick kids and germs! ugh Wednesday and Thursday are a blur as they are spent coddling, hydrating, feeding and being a good mom to three unwell littles. AJ is healthy and back to work, I’m on my own. Friday morning J is recuperating and coming out of his fever, K is still fighting it hard and S won’t quit. Off to the doctor, three days of a sore throat plus fever equals… you guessed it positive strep throat swab! ugh Her fever finally breaks (of course) but she has to remain in quarantine for the next three days (goodbye weekend) until she is cleared to return to school Monday (L.O.N.G.E.S.T. weekend EVER!)

In the midst of all these germs and being a mother-nurse I start coming down with a sore throat, normal for me with the cold weather but I do not have time for strep. Apple cider vinegar shots, hot salt water rinses, lots of water and rest are my prescription for myself. Oh yes and here comes the sinus infection, stuffed up sinuses, inflamed areas on my face and all sorts of feeling like a truck ran me over. These are my weekend plans the first weekend in the New Year (said no one EVER!) Thankfully I never spike a fever and am able to home remedy myself back to health.

Here we are Monday morning, S is back to school, I am feeling much better, J is a trooper and (almost) back to his normal schedule! K no longer has a fever but is still lethargic, coughing and napping during the day. Hopefully these cold germs go away soon and we can all start our new year with some fun.

How is your 2019 shaping up?