It is that time again! Well… almost. Most family traditions stem around the holiday season making the last three months filled with joy, laughter, tears, screaming, temper tantrums and naps… not to mention what the kids go through! Some traditions have fallen by the wayside, sometimes they’ve been replaced or adjusted to meet our family’s current situation (why make a big Thanksgiving dinner for one adult and two little kids?). While some traditions continue strong. One of these is from the Adams part of the family, my side.

Years ago (don’t ask a lady her age!) my grandma began making felt Christmas stockings. Each is unique and intricately decorated with embossing embellishments and sequined beads. Every member of our family has their own. We have never (to my recollection) used them for Santa to put treats in but rather for decoration only.

Over the years I have helped Grandma make several of these stockings for spouses and a few kids. We make sure everyone has one by their first Christmas in our family (birth or marriage).

Continuing this tradition has been taking a toll on Grandma but she continues to sit in her chair at the kitchen table threading needles, precisely seeing on beads and sequins, stitching designs and embroidering names on stockings, all by hand.

Baby J will be having his first Christmas this year so it was time to sit down and make his.

I recall how I would try to follow each individual step included in the instructions. Many a bead has escaped my work space and been lost to time. The Bucilla Christmas stockings are the ones we use. This year my work space is on the living room floor next to J’s play area. This allows the other kids space at the table for homework, crafts and eating.

Here’s a few of my photos of the progress.

lots of pieces all the embroidery is done

Time to start adding beads. These little buggers are cousins to glitter. You will be finding them everywhere for a few weeks, especially if you keep knocking them over…

Beading done and now to sew all the little pieces on. This is the fun part!

Embroidering the name on has always been a struggle for me… This may be unpicked and redone at a future date. But since you can’t see it you don’t know! 😆.

So close to being complete! My tomato is being stabbed by lots of needles haha

All finished! The back is sewn on and it is ready to be hung.

My Tips:

  • find small individual containers to put your beads and sequins in. If you lose any (or run out) you may contact Bucilla for extras/replacements. Or if you have no patience like me you can make a run to your nearest craft store (Walmart for me) to pick some up.
  • There are two needles. DO. NOT. LOSE. THEM! Especially the sequin needle. It has a smaller eye and head allowing it to fit through the beads. Aforementioned craft store carries extras of those too.
  • Save the cutting until you are ready to sew the piece on. Trust me.
  • Embroider and sew on the sequins before stuffing and sewing the stocking together.
  • For the stuffing I bought a small bag of pillow stuffing. I’ve used cotton balls in the past when I was desperate.
  • Find a good show you want to binge watch or an audio book. Your hands will be busy, listen to a good book or catch up on the latest season of your favorite show. I watched a few seasons of Heartland making this stocking.