You guys it has been FOUR years since I posted my original 40 by 40 bucket list!! OH. MY. HECK!! I am going to be turning 40 in three years!! eek! A friend posted a question about bucket lists on Facebook and it made me think more on my goals I had set for myself. Let’s take a look at how far I have come (or not) in the last four years.

1. Get to a healthy body/lifestyle. I have not reached my set number yet but I sure as heck have improved. I am about halfway to my goal!! That’s HUGE you guys!! I have been improving my strength as well. I am excited to get back to CrossFit when school starts back up again. 
2. Complete our family.  I can say with 99.9% certainty this is a completed goal. I am done having kids. We now have 2 boys and 2 girls. I am turning 38 this year and after all of my experiences, I believe my body is done. Especially after my experience with birthing J.   
3. Run and complete 5k.  Done!
4. Complete a MudRun/FunRun/WarriorDash race. Done! Check out my 2-in-1 completion for these. 
5. Go on a cruise. *cough*Mom*cough* haha
6. Visit at least 1/3 of the LDS temples  This is still a work in progress… and is for USA locations now. The world is a bit big to conquer right now. 🙂
7. Be free of unsecured debt and have rainy day fund built up comfortably. Ugh I despise debt. We are still working on this. Student loans are a big one here too.
8. Travel to Jerusalem. This will probably not happen until the kids are older and possibly moved out. That’s ok, it will happen.
9. Read all Jane Austin’s novels. I am learning there is a time and season for all things. Since I have a newborn it is a little more difficult to sit and enjoy reading right now. 
10. Go sky diving, at least once. hmmm… think I have to get closer to my goal in #1 in order to achieve this one.
11. Go to a major league sports game with AJ.  East coast friends… what are some of your favorite games around here to attend? This may be a minor league team.
12. Go to a movie alone. haha need to find a sitter for the kids or at least J and I can catch a matinee. May have to be something I do for my 40th in a few years.
13. Go camping with just the husband. Sigh
14.  Visit the beach/ocean/shore on the East Coast. We almost did it this summer… one week left, not counted out but probably not this year. Although I could count our trip to Virginia coast this was not my intent and purpose for this goal.
15. Attend a show on Broadway. DONE! We saw the Rockettes (ya not ON Broadway) and this summer saw Kinky Boots (again off Broadway but still!)
16. Go to a concert in a park.
17. Write a letter to myself to read in 10 years.
18. Go scuba diving. 
19. Learn a foreign language so I can fluently speak it.
20. ID and permanently remove a bad habit. Bad habit TBD. I still haven’t identified my bad habit… suggestions? haha Maybe I don’t have any? 
21. Visit and help out at a food kitchen. 
22. Go to a mystery dinner. 
23. Learn to crochet. I tried teaching myself and even made a hat for AJ… it left something to be desired. Definitely need to hone this skill.
24. Organize all my old pictures and put them with my new ones into albums/scrapbooks. Haha I think I bit off more than I can chew with this one!
25. Take a dance class. A “classic” dance class, I’ve done the stuff they teach at the gym. I mean like ballroom, swing, salsa that kind of dance class. Have you ever taken any of these type of classes?
26. Actually make at least half the crafts on my Pinterest craft board. See 24 😂
27. Send notes/cards for every birthday, anniversary and event during one year for all my friends and family. I did this one year. It was nice for me to know I could do it. This is something I can’t keep up with at this time in my life.
28. Randomly send 12 “just because” gifts to unsuspecting friends/family members. I’ve sent a few but not the 12. What are some random thoughtful gifts you’ve received?
29. Donate my hair. Done! In 2014
30. Learn how to play the guitar. 
31. Learn and be fluent in ASL. I am still learning and getting better as time goes by.
32. Take a weekend trip to Vermont during the fall. Ooo who wants to go with this fall? Ever been? Recommendations for places to visit and things to do are welcome!
33. Go rafting and/or canoeing down the Delaware River. We looked into this last year and it’s a bit pricy. Anyone have a favorite place?
34. Hike part of the Appalachian trail. Like really hike it, rucksack and all. Possibly a two-for-one on the camping…
35. Be more self-reliant on fixing my car. More than just an oil change or tire change, I want to learn about my car and what it needs. Being a temporary single mom has forced me to do this on more than one occasion. This will be a lifetime skill to develop.
36. Really learn how to sew on my sewing machine. I have made skirts, Halloween outfits and a Pioneer outfit for my family. This one I consider done.
37. Take a real trip and visit at least one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Have you ever been to one? Tell me about it.
38. Learn to surf, and do it.
39. Start a garden to grow my own produce, and keep it up. I attempted a garden this year but nothing grew. I am going to plant potatoes for the fall. It is a start!
40. Take time out of my day, at least once a month to catch up with an old friend, via phone, visit or letter. I have been catching up with old and new friends lately.

In review it seems I still have more to learn and accomplish before turning 40 in 2021. The biggest life lesson I am learning is there is a time and season for all things. Right now my focus is on raising my kids. Some of my life goals may end up being part of a 50 by 50 bucket list.

What are some of your life goals you have accomplished or even ones you realized you’ve had to put off for a time?