Any parent worth their salt knows you can’t go it alone. Even with a partner, there is still more assistance needed. Sometimes kids need another adult to hash things out with over an ice cream cone. Maybe a second set of eyes at the park. The ways in which we can help each other are endless. The longer I am a mother the more I realize how much I need my village.

My village changes, as may yours. With Dawn my village was mostly my family. Now as she has grown and our lives have changed, my village consists of more friends and neighbors as we do not live near family at this time. Admittedly, I’ve thought I could do this alone and would not need much help. Heck I have four kids, this is NOT my first rodeo. Boy was I wrong!

S is giving me a run for my money lately. Slowly after the birth of J she has been testing our bounds and limits, even breaking some. She is feeding into the stereotypes about red heads for sure! Over the last month or so she has sneakily left the yard and walked or ridden her bike the half mile to her friend’s house down the road. Thankfully we live in a community and not a super busy road. This girl is only 8 years old though!! The first time she took off under the guise of taking Lincoln (our dog) for a walk. More recently she has been sneaking away. This last time she took off with K in tow! That little boy loves his older sisters so much! He follows them around and wants to play with them all of the time. It is adorable to watch.


How do I know she snuck off? Well… my village of course! There’s nothing in the world like getting a text message telling you your two middle kids are on their bikes riding through the neighborhood, unsupervised! Ok there are worse feelings, but man this one is up there! Further setting the scene of emotions… J had not taken a nap today and was finally letting me lay him down for a feeding! Thankfully this friend instantly offered to bring the kids back home. Of course J did NOT stay asleep more than five minutes, enough time for me to meet them at the door and exchange some pleasantries.

I don’t have bad kids, I know this. My kids need an outlet, especially S. It is not easy coping with change, especially an addition to the family. Thankfully we have people to be a part of a village. I do hope to return the help in one form or another to the people of our village. Some days I feel as though all I do is take from the village. Everything has a season right? One day it will be my turn to rescue another mom in need. For now I am ever thankful for my village and all they do to help me raise my hellions kids.

Two of my three littles, the oldest is not so much a little one any more 😦