I am an addict. Admission is the first step. I am a sugar fiend, choco-holic, white bread lover and eater of all the cheesy goodness.
At least I WAS.

During this last pregnancy with J, I gained an “ok” amount of weight. The problem is, I was already obese and not healthy. My blood work had previously confirmed I was on my way to diabetes (pre-pre diabetes if you want to name it). I was not comfortable in my own skin, or my clothes for that matter. In June 2017 I weighed 295lbs. Then we found out I was pregnant. My plan was to continue working out, continue eating healthy (haha oh man!) and minimize the amount of weight gain for this pregnancy.

Plans are all great and fine, until life happens. My pregnancy with J was a constant puke fest. Morning 24/7 sickness, body aches, siatic nerve pain and the normal pregnancy exhaustion had me wiped out every day. By the end of my pregnancy I was up to 325lbs. When J and I came home from the hospital I began hatching plans and ideas. Down to 291 post-birth (read about that here) I was determined. After chatting with my mom (seriously she’s a great lady!) I decided to read more about Whole30 and bought the book “It Starts with Food” from Amazon.  It took me a while to get through the book, I actually read the science-y chapters. In the end I was ready to start and kick my addictions. One particular idea resonated with me, I only have one body and need to take care of it.

February 28 I ate half a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, didn’t want those going to waste. March 1st I began my first round of Whole30. The first week was rough, I was detoxing from sugar bad! I would wake up with headaches, my brain would tell me it wanted sugar, I was cranky. After the first week or two I thought I was clear and good to go. NOPE! My brain began feeding my addiction in my sleep. I would have night terrors, for lack of better description. In the middle of a normal dream I would suddenly be eating food, and it was not Whole30 compliant food. I would wake up feeling incredibly guilty, like I had snuck this food and eaten it in my sleep! Man my brain was not giving up the sugar addiction easily.

Fortunately I have a great support system from my mom and social media group helps. I kept plugging along and not feeding my sugar dragon. After 30 grueling days I popped back on the scale and was shocked and excited. Down to 271!! I can’t recall the last time the scale was down there. 20 lbs in 30 days! Plus I had regained my mind and control over what I was eating. This Whole30 stuff makes sense and worked! I did not take any measurements but did have a few before and after photos. The change is more obvious side by side after so much time. Since I see myself every day it is not as noticeable.

My fave was definitely swollen during my pregnancy but also from my eating habits.

I mean come on! (K is sitting on my lap. He points to the old photo and says “not mommy” then pointing to the March photo says “that’s mommy”. From the mouths of babes!) I definitely can see a difference in the full body images. I decided to use the same outfit to really be able to see the differences. WOW!

Needless to say after seeing my March results I decided to continue on my Whole30 journey.

The second most difficult aspect aside from sugary comfort foods is not stepping on the scale. It has been a habit of mine to step on the scale in the bathroom about every morning. Not a healthy habit at all. Health and weight are so much more than only a number. I struggled with not getting in the scale so much I had to put it away.

To date I have continued doing the Whole30 program, 30 days at a time. I sleep better at night (thankfully J sleeps all night). I have less body aches. The biggest change is all the clothes I can fit into better than before! Shirts once tight are not as form fitting. Jeans (yes jeans not leggings!) are falling off my hips. I am becoming more comfortable in my skin and clothes! I also don’t waste money on junk food and binge eating. HUGE plus. Hopefully my kids see the improvements and changes I have been making and decide to improve themselves as well. You can lead a horse to water…. and all that.

Have you tried Whole30? What did you see as your results and non-scale victories?