What is an heritage? Is it a culture? Your DNA? An inheritance? Land?  The little personality traits? Cleft in your chin?

While thinking about what I would write my mind ventured toward ancestry and DNA. My family tree is a work in progress, slowly I have an amazing maternal tree stretching back a thousand years! Somehow King Henry Capet of France is back in my tree, yep King Henry I! Further back Queen Caratene Aggripine of Burgundy as well. I have countesses and knights as well.  Someone has been doing a lot of research and work. I’ve looked back as far as the 3rd century. Can we stop and think about that for a minute? I know not all of my tree will go back that far, this branch is lucky. After a few hundred years records were mainly only kept for royals.  Think I can go to France and claim some land thru this lineage? hmmm would I want to renounce my American life and heritage for France? Would you?

The other side of my tree has been a tad more difficult. Sometimes I feel no one wants to talk about the family out of some feeling unknown to me. Hopefully as I continue my search I will be able to find more branches and links in my paternal tree.  This part of my ancestry and heritage is from Michigan and Canada so far. I have found a link to Belgium. No royalty just yet but I’ve only gone back a few generations.

A few months ago I decided to do a DNA kit to see where my blood line would lead. My results were unexpected but not surprising. Take a look.


I have found some 2nd cousins in my tree. It has been nice reaching out to them and seeing I am not alone in my search for family connections. I have found a lot of military running thru the generations as well. Must be something in my genes…

When discussing my results with AJ I jokingly asked, “What am I suppose to check on the race/ethnicity boxes now?” I’m not technically Caucasian… those are people from the Caucasus mountain region, think south west Russia/Asia and south east Europe. The mountain region ranges between the Black and Caspian seas.  Clearly that is not where my DNA says I am from. My life has been a lie! Does the less than 1% area of Caucasus define my entire being? Apparently on forms in the USA it does (insert huge eye roll here).

In all seriousness I am American. I was born and raised here and will probably die here. Where my ancestors come from is my history and heritage. Maybe I will learn to embrace more of my inner UK. God save the Queen and all that.

Have you taken a DNA test? How accurate do you feel it was? Any surprises? Have you searched your genealogy and found your family tree/lineage?