It’s been a crazy few months.  I have started multiple posts ranging from product reviews to Real Talk to more Friday finds and everything in between. I’ve been distracted and working on getting them all up. So get ready for post palooza at the end of this year! In the meantime let’s talk about our finally collab post for the 2017 year, favorite holiday recipes.

Admittedly I don’t do anything fancy for the holidays for our meals. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are interchangeable around here. However, I do enjoy baking (really, do you not know this about me yet?) I’m not a creative baker by any means, I use recipes I find online, I do not create my own recipes. I will tweak them but I am not a scientific baker. Maybe one day I’ll gather the courage.

On with the show! This year I’ve made (so far) chocolate drop pretzels (with Kisses and Rolos), turtles, chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies and PB kiss cookies. I plan to make more PB kiss and sugar cookies as well as some thumbprint cookies. I use to make Mexican wedding cookies too but the amount of ingredients required to make them in relation to the amount of cookies they put out isn’t always worth it to me. I make all these treats for cookie plates to give out to friends and neighbors.  Additionally I will be making truffles, Rice Krispy Treats, caramels and PB balls. I really do find most of my recipes online so there really isn’t a favorite, it’s more of a “will this recipe work with what I have on hand?” sort of plan.

My favorite recipe must be the turtles this year because they have to be under constant lock down… from myself! Pecans + caramel + chocolate… what’s not to love! Unless you’re my oldest, D, and can’t eat them due to braces. Without further ado I will share this recipe with you. Mine did not turn out as pretty but they sure are tasty! My photos are lacking in the baking process as I had little K under foot all day. Trying to avoid stepping on him or burning him took precedent over photos, sorry guys.

When I finish my baking and have a plate of treats to show you I will come back and add a photo. Plan on that by the end of this week.

Do you have a favorite holiday recipe? Share it with us! Add your recipe to the comments below or linkup your blog!