This week’s find comes from in the woods where the deer roam, ticks may bite and waterfalls flow into the rivers. Trees branches above provide shade on the forest floor for any and all roaming the many trails winding around the land. It is on one such trail I found something incredible today. 

This beautiful waterfall was a stop along the way to finding what was deep inside. Over the last year I have been on a journey to find a stronger healthier me. Today I found part of her with the help and support of my local Tribe. I packed baby K on my back in his Tula and headed off into the woods. An hour and forty minutes later we had traversed many inclines, crossed creeks, and traveled 4 miles. The journey was smooth goon at times, others it was arduous. 

The trail was a trial of my endurance and in the end I came out the other end of the trail a new person. I have a new bench mark of what I can accomplish. My perseverance was tested and I passed. Although no one could do it for me, I could not have done it without some of my Tribe. These ladies did not carry me or baby K but the did use their words of support to lift me up. 

Today I found my inner trail hiker, my inner beast, my inner strength.