I try so hard to only get what is on my list when I go shopping. Sometimes I will find something I didn’t even know I needed and thus have to have! (OK maybe not NEED but desperately desire…) I have decided to share these adventures and finds with you. Thus begins my Fabulous Friday Finds! They may not all be fabulous so I’ll call them Friday finds.

Today’s find is brought to you from Target…  I was actually looking for something completely different when I saw this bad boy.  A skirt/trouser hanger! I was intrigued, I love my skirts but they take up so much space in my closet. For the price I figured it was worth a shot.


This is a section of my closet where I have pencil and circle skirts hanging. Yes I use those cheap store clip hangers but hey why not, they work. I save a bit on space by putting two skirts on one hanger.

Now I can get FIVE skirts on one hanger! WOOT! They are folded neatly over the bars. Which by the way, the bars unclip on one end and have a hinge on the other to avoid pulling multiple skirts off the hanger at once. Score!

As you can see my skirts are loving their new home and I am enjoying the new found space in my closet. Time to get a second or possibly third one for the rest of my skirts. Then what will I do with all of the empty space?

This find has been brought to you by my curiosity and desire to reorganize my closet every six months. It is in no way sponsored by Target or the Threshold company (I think that’s who makes this hanger…)

What are some of your favorite finds? Share them! Follow along for next weeks Friday Finds as well.