A long time ago a boy met a girl and the boy’s furniture was never in the same place for more than one season out of the year. Poor guy! Well here we are seven years later and poor AJ still has to put up with my obsessive need to rearrange the furniture. Sometimes this includes painting! Now that we own our home, nothing is off limits! Walls, light fixtures, furniture, floors. Oh boy!

When we first moved into our home the walls were an off-white, almost yellow color. After moving the stove and fridge out for floor projects and doing deep cleanings the first year I have noticed the walls were originally white. Somehow over the years they turned into an almost smokers yellow. Gross! Clearly one of my many projects is to paint the walls in the house, all of them!

Recently I came across another Shark Tank product, Paint Brush Cover. These simple plastic containers are built for roller and regular paint brushes. The idea is to keep the brushes damp enough between coats so as to not have to wash and dry them. Sometimes I will start a paint job and, because life happens, not have time to finish what I started. Welcome into my life the Paint Brush Cover! When I received these to try out I was admittedly a bit skeptical. How well and how long could these containers keep the brushes in working condition?

The instructions and recommended times will vary depending on your environment and brush. For the sake of this review and to truly test the product, I of course did mine for a longer period of time. It drove my family nuts having these sitting around the house and me not finishing my paint projects.

I tested both brush holders and both worked as described. The moisture was locked in the brush cover with the brush keeping it ready. I was able to paint part of a wall, put the brush away for two weeks and pick it right back up where I left off without any troubles. The paint on the wall is blended in well. There is no telling where the project started and stopped.

No wasted paint, no messy spills, no worrying about getting the paint job done quick enough.

As you can see in the photos above, even after storing the brushes for several weeks they are still wet and moist enough for use. This is a huge win for me. I can not begin to tell you the amount of brushes and rollers I’ve had to throw away because they became too dry and brittle with paint.

Keep in mind these are not child proof containers, so keep stored wet brushes out of the reach of curious little fingers. They will be able to open these and you will find paint in places you did not want it. Check out the covers here and tell me what you think.