A lot of cleaning hacks and tips out there don’t work for our family. The products aren’t sold where we live. Sometimes the tips are faulty. Other times the hacks don’t work for us because we have well water. 

I found one trick for cleaning grime off of the cabinet doors, especially where fingers grab to open and close them. A simple washing soda, water, splash of vinegar and Dawn dish soap paste. All great cleaning ingredients. Scrub the area with a toothbrush or your finger tip and voila the grime is removed leaving you with pristine, looking like new cabinets. WRONG! 

I tested this on a few of our cabinets and the ones I tried it on ended up dirtier than the others, and faster! 

Look at the difference. So gross! Fail!!

Moving on…

Have you seen Magic White Erasers? Of course you have, unless you’ve been living under a rock. There are so many uses for these bad boys! My latest use is cleaning grease. Yep, grease. Our stove good gets gunked up and greasy. Of course I’m the “only one” who notices. I have tried sips and hot water, vinegar and Dawn, even the tip of cleaning grease with grease. This one you are suppose to be able to clean the grease off using oil and a rag. Sounded good in theory. Nope, didn’t work in my house. 

It was time to try something new. I had my trusty off-brand white erasers out cleaning fingerprints and smudges off of the walls when it hit me… this might just work! Yep I used the white eraser on the hood! It worked so well you guys, and it was EASY! Clean and easy? Psh sign me up! 

Seriously. Check those out! Forget harsh chemicals or mixing ingredients at home. Give me the white eraser any day! 

Another quick hack I’ll share with you is Dawnegar. I’ve mentioned mixing Dawn andvinegar before and not working. There are many other places it works fabulously, especially if you have hard well water like me. 

Well water leaves iron build ups which in turn looks like an orange rust. Over time it will take over your sinks, showers and tubs. Previously I would scrub my showers on cleaning day with various chemical products. They worked well but when a cleaning product comes with warnin labels such as “use in a ventilated area” or “wash hands immediately after use” I am a tad concerned. Little K is quick and likes to help me around the house. So he would be sticking his hands in the tub while in sprinkling or spraying the latest cleaning product. Not good. 

Enter Dawnegar, warm vinegar and Dawn blue dish soap mixed together. I use warm vinegar when creating the mix to help the soap mix well with the vinegar. Stick the solution in a scrub brush, like the ones used for washing dishes, and keep it in the shower. During your shower give the walls and floors a quick scrub and rinse off when you’re done! Do this once a week and no more iron or water build up in the shower! Done. 

Use these quick hacks to help get your cleaning done and enjoy your day! What are some quick and easy cleaning hacks you have tried and tested?