Dirty dishes scattered across the counters, and more cups than there are people in the house! How does that happen? Lunch bins not making it back home? Shoes go missing? I am still trying to understand how that happens. Kids fighting over who’s toy it is, because you had to buy two of the same thing so they wouldn’t fight over it. Ugh the battles go on. Enter StickerKid to the rescue!

StickerKid is another SharkTank success story and based in the USA!

We received stickers for our family to try and review. The kids (ok me too) were pretty excited to create their own sticker labels. The process online for ordering was simple and straight forward. There was no question what our stickers would look like. You can see what you are creating live online as you make changes! Here’s what we ended up with. 

We chose a bundle and added a few extra sheets for everyone to have some. We have small name stickers for around the house and smaller items for the kids. Last name labels for our family items, in Army signal orange of course! 

K has a frog on his sticker labels for all of his items we take with us. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left something at the gym or church and lost it forever 😦 

Dawn has music notes on her DV red and black stickers, these are iron on labels which is good for her since she is in marching band. 

S has shoe stickers with a pink princess on a unicorn, on a pink background with pink writing of course. Are there other colors in the world? 

We put some stickers on S’s smock for art at school. Dawn has some of her dark blue small name labels in her marching band shoes (she lost them for over a week this year). 

 K will have some on his cups and toys. I’m excited to see how well they stand up to being washed but for now they are standing up to the usage. My kids are not gentle by any means so this is a win!

Well done StickerKid! Check out their products by clicking on their badge on the right hand side of my blog under affiliates. There’s something for everyone!