I’ll admit it I am a total snacker! Around the house I’m more likely to get something to eat in small snack size portions. 

Grocery shopping can be a trek, sometimes half a day event. After a few years I have narrowed down my snack preferences. Salty or sweet cravings have their own snacking options! Usually it’s Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies, original, mint, or raspberry. Savory/salty snacks fall in the chip category and rotate between Snyders pretzel bits and Cheetos crunchy jalapeño flavor. These snacks only came about because I like trying new products, snack time from the store is the best time to try it out!

This week we stopped at the commissary and I saw a new product to try for snack time! 

Who doesn’t love bacon?! Add maple flavor to bacon and you have sweet and savory in one snack! We opened up the bag on the way home and dove in to the anticipated sweet maple flavor mixed with the deliciousness of bacon!

It was not at all what I was anticipating. The bacon essence was fairly decent. The maple flavor was not what I expected at all. 

Never did it cross my mind that maple bacon is already an actual thing! There’s hickory smoked bacon, natural bacon and maple bacon. This is what the makers of maple bacon popcorn were going for, and they nailed it. This is maple flavored bacon flavored popcorn. 

It makes sense but wasn’t at all what I was expecting. The sweet aspect of the maple was not as present in the popcorn as I hoped. 

The popcorn was a good snack but won’t be making my permanent snack rotation. What are some of your favorite snacks?