Making meals for a family is fun but can be tough sometimes. Every now and again I get stuck in a meal rut. Have you been there? Trying to get out is a chore on its own, go thru this with me.
You’ve served (insert your typical family meal here) for the nth time this month and kids are starting to grumble. You realize it is time to find a new recipe. The next day after lunch you start perusing Pinterest for new ideas on dinner meals. Eventually you find a few recipes your family will like and one or two they would be willing to try. Spend half a day meal planning and grocery shopping for these new found meals. Get home from the store, exhausted, and start cooking dinner. Repeat the process again in a few months.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Even if your kids are great eaters having a good variety of meals is always nice. I love cooking but I’m not always too creative and am frankly scared of the ingredients I have never cooked with before.

Luckily last month a friend sent me a free trial to Blue Apron. Sign up was easy and options were clearly labeled. I signed up for the family plan, two meals for 4 people per week at $69.72. The first delivery was free from my friend as a referral. The meals were perfect and definitely things we would eat! In the recyclable box all ingredients were packed carefully and with ice packs. Each of the meals comes with everything you need to cook the meal, even small bags of seasonings and oils in little jars!

Our first week was seared chicken & fettuccine pasta, the second meal was Moroccan lamb & beef pitas. DE-LISH-OUS!

Here’s the chicken fettuccine pasta out of the box. Love how they sneak vegetables in meals the kids love. S doesn’t like tomatoes but she ate all of her dinner, including the tomatoes! That’s saying a lot since she picks them out of the spaghetti sauce!

Here is the finished meal served up on a plate! So yummy!DSCN2192

When I don’t like the meals selected for the week I can skip the delivery and not worry about paying for or eating food I don’t like. Plus there are other options. I have two meals delivered but there are four to choose from for each week. If I don’t like one or both of the meals I can choose from the others.

Have you used a meal kit delivery service? I know there are many others out there and am curious what you have found works for you and your family.