It’s August already and we are doing our monthly post showing you another portion of our worlds. Each month I join friend and fellow mommy bloggers Katie and Tracy. Each third Wednesday we post about a previously decided upon topic. Show us yours too, link back here for your blog and comment below!

When I turned 16 I was fortunate to have my own and first car. It was nothing amazing, but it was mine! Since that first Subaru station wagon I have “owned” a few hatch backs, sedans, a convertible, a van, and a few SUVs. 

I currently own my 2006 Toyota Highlander. A few years ago my faithful blue Toyota Camry lost against a tree in the snow. At the time we had two kids and were wanting a third. I knew I didn’t want a van again and the SUV has better gas mileage. 

My silver beast, Sheeva, became the newest vehicle. She has leather heated seats and a heater for the rear. In the back there is a third row which folds down into the trunk. This feature comes in handy when all five of us are going somewhere together. 

She may not be in tip top shape but she is trusty and has taken good care of all our family across many miles and states. 

With another driver coming soon we may need another vehicle, I hope Sheeva doesn’t take it personally. 

What are you currently driving?