Awhile ago I wrote this post about purchasing chalk markers. I was a bit disappointed in the product and contacted the company on March 29th and this is what I wrote:

Good Evening,
I recently purchased a set of three neon color chalkboard/white erase markers from my local Walmart. Upon my first use the orange faintly worked and completely faded out within my first use. The green stopped working at my second use and the pink still fairly works. My first use was labels on six bins. 
I do not have my receipt or the original packaging as I did not anticipate needing to return them. I appreciate any feedback or help you may provide to rectify the situation.


I received no reply from the company to date. During a recent trip to Wally World I discovered another brand of chalk markers, U Brands. These were competitively priced and came in a four pack! What more could I lose? I already had crappy chalk markers, these couldn’t be worse. The packaging and directions on the markers gave me hope someone had done it right. Shake, press, repeat. I did and watched the color slowly seep into the marker tip then flow onto my chalk board! Look at the difference between the two brands. Shame on you Debbie Lynn.

Congrats U Brands for making a product I can love and afford. The tip is fine enough to write neatly on the calendar while leaving room for other items. The color is vibrant and the markers work well after storing as well. I do not use or miss the magnetic strips to hold the marker on the fridge, they fell off the marker and weren’t strong enough to hold up the marker anyway. The erasers on the Debbie Lynn brand were useless as well. Nice ideas but poorly executed. U Brands keeps it simple and effective. Plus I can see the liquid chalk inside the markers of U Brands! If you are in the market for chalk markers, I highly recommend U Brands products.wp-1469908723486.jpeg

Bonus: U Brands supports our kids. From their site: “We care about our youth’s future. When you purchase our product, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Kids in Need Foundation®.” They are also a company based in California, which I know doesn’t necessarily mean all products are made here but the company has base and foundation in the USA!