This last month has been so busy now that it is summer and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Dawn is gone visiting family for about a month so anytime I go anywhere now I have the two little ones in tow. One thing which hasn’t changed is how many times a day I hear “I’m hungry.” Being on the go I don’t like stopping at fast food places or even the store for snacks. 

My requirements for food on the go are: simple, easy to take anywhere, filling, healthy-ish and inexpensive. 

Somewhere on the inter web I came across a recipe for cereal bars. Simple: honey, peanut butter and Cheerios. I’m sold! The recipe called for 1c honey melted in a pot over medium heat with 3/4c peanut butter. Once melted and smooth poor over 2c Cheerios. Spread in a foil lines square baking dish and chill for a few hours. DONE!

I used our favorite honey from A Touch for Health is local, raw and delicious. We always have a jar on hand. I’ve been picking up peanut and almond butter with more natural ingredients and surprisingly the kids still like it, YAY!

When all was mixed and ready to chill the recipe filled an 8×8 baking dish. 

I like how quick and easy this recipe is to make. The ingredients are few and items we seem to always have on hand. I love peanut butter and honey and Cheerios. The kids loved these bars as well. In fact they were gone in a day. 

Next time I will tweak the ingredients slightly as the bars would fall apart easily making a little mess.

All in all not bad. I’ll keep it for a bit. What are some of your favorite go to homemade snack food recipes?