Here is another great Shark Tank tested and proved product. If you have little ones you know messes will abound. My little terrors are no where near clean freaks, especially during meal time. Additionally, oatmeal is the usual breakfast around here. MESSY! Baby K is no exception.

As you can see he likes to wear his food while eating. Trying to clean him up is a fight and he ends up crying much like the photo above. I clean he squirms and wiggles as much as possible to avoid being cleaned.


Enter into our lives NeatCheeks! These wipes are made for the sole purpose of cleaning up messy, fussy kids. These are not your ordinary every day wet wipes. There is natural and peach flavored. I wasn’t expecting much in the way of smelling good because it is a wipe and all wipes have that chemical smell right? Wrong! I open the peach to clean up K’s oatmeal face and it is delicious! Seriously? How can wipes smell so good? They can’t possibly clean well and smell good right? Wrong again!


Baby K lets me clean him up with these wipes! Look how peaceful he is mid-cleaning! No screaming, fussing or fighting for after oatmeal cleanup anymore. I am keeping one in the house and one in the diaper bag.

As a special offer from NeatCheeks you can click here for a buy 3 get 3 free special. If you have kids I highly recommend stocking up on some NeatCheeks!