That time of the month is here again! I love participating in the I’ll Show You My collab I joined with my favorite Momma bloggers Katie and Tracy. On the third Wednesday of every month we show you something we’ve randomly selected, and we hope that you’ll show us yours too! Just link your posts back to us and comment below with your link!

This month we are showing you our empties! I don’t mean the empty ketchup or the empty toilet paper roll. I am showing you my empty products I love, like, hate, will never buy again and can’t wait to buy again! These products range from local shop purchases, to direct sales purchases, to online mass retailers.  So without further ado here are my empties:


Not shown: Divine moisturizer and cat litter.

Cat litter: I haven’t found a particular brand we love over the others but with three cats we go thru our fair share of cat litter. I absolutely will not buy the non-clumping litter tho. I’ve never tried it and I do not have any intentions on starting. Just ew!


Shine eye makeup remover wipes. These are from Younique and are a miracle product! The wipe is not only great for eye makeup but for the entire face. I LOVE using these, especially at night when I don’t have the energy to scrub all the makeup off. The entire wipe is great for a full face makeup removal. On the nights or days I only wear a light amount of makeup, half a wipe is plenty and works splendidly! What’s more, these wipes are refreshing in smell. Have you ever used a makeup wipe only to have your hands or face smell like chemicals? Gross! These wipes leave your fingers and face smelling fresh and feeling refreshed!

Divine moisturizer. I didn’t get a photo of this product before I threw it away, but it is in the photo above with the Shine wipes, oops! Another Younique product. I have used various facial moisturizers from high end down to drug store brands. I have used products where I have needed to reapply and others where I felt the moisturizer made my skin feel greaser. Divine is absolutely that, divine! I get enough moisturizer for my dry skin but not too much that my skin feels greasy. My facial skin tends to be dry and flaky at times and the moisturizer is delicious to my skin. After this bottle ran out I thought I could manage and use some other moisturizer I had still sitting around the house. That has not been the case! My skin is screaming for Divine and can’t wait for it to come in the mail this week!

Ghiggeri’s Oils & Balsamics. We found this quaint little shop in town one weekend. The owners are nice and welcoming, as are the employees. The shop has a wide variety of oils and balsamics, all available for testing at your leisure. There are also honeys, bread mixes and other nice items to go along with any oil or balsamic you may choose. My favorite is the California Garlic infused olive oil. I am a bit impartial to garlic anything tho. If you live in the area, give them a try. If you don’t, come over for a visit and I’ll take you there!


Calgon. Having cloth diapers for K, a front loader and hard well water makes laundry rough, especially on the cloth diapers sometimes. I bought Calgon to use specifically for our cloth diaper loads. I did not realize or know about the proper way to use the product originally so do not feel I have had the best experience with the product. Now that I need a new one I am looking forward to a good and proper use in the wash for the cloth diapers especially. Good bye water stains and rough clothes!


Purex. Again with the washer! Now that I know how to get Calgon properly in the wash I may not need as much soap and the soap can do its proper job fighting dirt on clothes instead of dirt in the water. I always try to use HE detergents and a detergent with stain removal. My family is tough on their clothes.


R.W. Knudsen Organic Apple Juice. Baby K is still a big fan of nursing but every now and again he’ll drink from a cup. He has yet to drink cow milk but he loves apple juice. I try not to buy too much fruit juice and soda around here due to the amount of sugar and processing but this apple juice at about the purest I’ve seen it. Organic isn’t quite as important but I’m so tired of juices from concentrate. It even settles and separates. So I’ll give him a 1:4 ratio of juice:water when he does want something other than mama milk. Bonus: I found a coupon and scored two new bottles at the commissary for less than a dollar each!



Eucerin lotion. This container no longer has its label but I LOVE this lotion for my body. It is a thick cream and works splendidly for my dry flaky knees, elbows and feet. I have tried many lotions over the years for my dry skin and this is the only lotion to ease my dry skin. Here is a stock photo for you to see what it looks like with the label still on 🙂


Lastly is my candle from Jenn’s Two Scents. Remember my giveaway/review post? I really love her products. (Her candle is on the right) Which reminds me, I think it is time to place another order! If you haven’t yet, check out her Etsy shop. If you don’t see a scent you like, message her she’ll work with you!