Continuing on with my scrubbing and cleaning binge, I decided to pit two common scrubbers against each other in the battle of the cookie sheets! Admittedly we don’t buy the best or even the better cooking ware around here. We buy the off name brand  (sometimes store brand) products, EEKK I know! I think I figure if it’s this much effort to keep them clean, why spend so much money on expensive ones when they will be just as difficult to clean? The neat freak inside of me (continues to be buried down further as each day goes by) has been screaming out (heard as a whisper) to scrub our cookie and pizza sheets.

**Oh my heck I just had an ah ha moment! We have a stoneware pizza dish, and it is minimal upkeep and requires little effort to clean! What?! Does anyone own stoneware cookie sheets or really great cookie sheets? How is the maintenance?**

This last weekend the freak inside was let out to play. I have seen a recipe of baking soda and H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide, hello one molecule away from water?) which is suppose to scrub your gunk away on its own with minimal elbow grease. Of course I’m skeptical, did you read my last post about my floors? DSCN1980

This is my pizza sheet. Gross right? It has become this discolored over time… seasoned right? ugh. On here I used a suggestion of sprinkling baking soda, then H2O2 then a little more baking soda (it’s a good thing baking soda is cheap!) then let the magic happen on its own (see my disbelief now?) I covered the pan and let it sit for a few hours…



This small amount came off with my finger rubbing the mixture off a little after an hour or so.


I kept working at it and letting it sit more. Look at how gross the baking soda is getting! After checking a few spots here and there over the course of several hours I reapplied and let the mixture “do its magic” for what ended up being two days. This thing was gross! I finally scrubbed it all off today and while it is not 100% better this is absolutely an improvement.



While the pizza pan was doing its thing, I did a test on two of my cookie sheets. These are no where near as gross as the pizza pan but still needing more than a good dose of elbow grease.


Enter BKF (Bar Keepers Friend) and the aforementioned DIY concoction. I’ve used BKF in the bathroom many times and it definitely can clean up the iron laden water residue (albeit Dawnegar works best/easiest for the shower now)IMG_20160606_214259122

Applied said cleaners to different pans and let them both sit overnight. Even tho BKF says to apply and wipe off after a few minutes, I wanted to give them an equal opportunity to scrub. Ok I started to clean it and nothing was happening. Which one do you think will clean the gunk better?IMG_20160606_214310981_HDR

After an all night equal soak. They each received an equal, hardy five minute elbow grease scrub down and rinse. I am genuinely surprised at the results. Are you ready for this?


I only cleaned them for five minutes each but I can see a difference! There is a clear winner here. I knew the DIY mix would work but I thought BKF would be better! I even started scrubbing the BKF pan first! Time to find a new use for the rest of my BKF and invest in baking soda and H2O2 for cleaning supplies.  For today’s challenge, DIY baking soda + H2O2 takes the win.

I will add the original post I found the suggestion for the DIY mix did not indicate quite so much scrubbing would be needed. Maybe it varies depending on the amount/type of gunk? Either way I’m happy to see my cookie sheets and pizza pan getting a renewed life.