If you’re anything like me you are on Pinterest looking for new ideas for almost everything in life.
I’ll go there for new dinner ideas, cleaning inspiration, hair styles for S and basically anything to help make my life easier.

As you know I’ve been trying to purge our house. This also means trying to salvage items and cleaning with items on hand. Pinterest is GREAT for suggesting ways to refurbish and update your old dresser, with a $20 pint size jar of paint. Or recover your couch by making your own slip cover, out of fabric and supplies costing at least $50 (not to mention the headaches of making said slipcover, picking the perfect material, etc).

My point? Oh right… cleaning. I have found many tips on restoring your cookie sheets and removing the mystery stains on the carpets. Why do most of these DIY recipes consist of vinegar and/or baking soda? I get it, I do, they can be quite useful in cleaning some of those pesky stains.

Two years ago AJ and I went away for a night for Valentine’s Day. Our dog managed to throw up twice, in two different spots, within a foot of each other! I used on spot as a base and the other as my testing spot. You name it I tried it. A few things helped removed the color of the stain but none completely removed the stain. The blasted thing is still there! Here is what I tried:
ammonia + damp white cloth + iron
Baking soda + vinegar paste scrub
Dawn + vinegar + baking soda

Some other homemade mixes I can’t recall because none of them made much difference.

So when I read about LA’s Awesome at the dollar store would lift any stain I was willing to try it, especially since the latest mystery stain looks like dried blood. How is it kids can manage to make large spills, not notice and not know what it was?

Today I sprayed some of this yellow liquid onto two stains, waited, and scrubbed then blotted.


As you can see from my before and after photos the smaller stain is mostly gone. The larger stain is more orange than rust now but even after running the carpet cleaner over it, the stain is still… well a stain.

So thanks Pinterest for more semi-helpful tips. Next up will be the baking soda + hydrogen peroxide for scrubbing cookie sheets!