Many moons ago we were gifted a soy candle for Christmas. I loved it but one day it was all used up. I searched high and low, near and far for more soy candles but alas they were all overly priced and not as nice.

Last year my friend L turned me onto an Etsy shop run by a fellow military wife. L loves supporting small businesses, her friends and other military wives, she’s great that way. I searched Etsy and found the shop, so tiny and cute. All of her candles were soy and handmade. When I looked at the prices my eyes opened wide, the cost of one small soy candle was half what I found anywhere else. I pointed and clicked and within no time at all, three soy candles were coming to me. Jenn messaged me when they had shipped and again to make sure they arrived lickity split! What great customer service she provides, I thought, I will definitely put her in my favorites.

Lo and behold the candles arrived, wrapped and packaged with care they were inside. Cinnamon & Vanilla was the first to be lit. Oh how the scent created an atmosphere so pleasant. I lit and burned the candle over and over until finally one day there was no more. I gifted Maple, Bourbon and apple to friends for enjoyment. Theirs, like mine, is all burned out.

Spring time is here, L asked if I wanted to order. Yes please but I need to know they won’t make me sneeze. Jenn quickly sent, upon my request, scent strips for my nose to determine which was the best. I liked them all, but had to choose as I could only store so many candles. Sniffing and smelling I looked online again when I spied in Jenn’s shop soy wax melts had appeared! I laughed and I giggled as I told L all the scents I love, just get them all! Quickly again the scents did arrive, this time much smaller as was the wax inside.

I opened and smelled them, enjoying each one. I wanted to see how well they compared to other wax melts I have tried from you know where. One bar with six cubes, only one scent I must choose. English Garden, one cube did go into the warmer and melted so well. The warmer stayed on from day into night. I wanted to test how long this garden would last. When I arose on day three from my room I was still greeted by a pleasant English Garden perfume.

I’ve enjoyed telling and sharing these products with you, I hope you have also enjoyed my little review.


DSCN1957The candle on the right in the little mason jar is from Jenn’s Two Scents. It burned with an even scent and  the wax melted evenly, unlike other candles such as the one on the left. I LOVE that about her candles. I hate having to try to maneuver around wax while trying to light the wick. 12729086_1701337520151663_7875633933107124035_n

These are Jenn’s cute soy wax melts (her stock image). I have about seven different scents in these and if the others are anything like the English Garden, they will be beyond well worth the price. These are half the price of other brands I have seen and as I’ve mentioned the scent lasts for days.

Guess what!? When I told Jenn I wanted to do a review she offered two winners for the giveaway! One winner will receive two soy wax melts and another winner will receive a small soy candle! To enter, comment below with your favorite scent from Jenn’s Etsy shop, Jenn’s Two Scents. Visit and like her page on Facebook too will ya?  One entry for commenting on the blog, visit Instagram for additional giveaway entries as well.

I’m going to go put Cinnamon Chai in my warmer now. Enjoy!

*This giveaway will close June 7 at 11:59pm ET*