I am a self proclaimed granola mom in my parenting styles of K. Baby led nursing, bed-sharing, cloth diapering, and basically anything we can reasonably do. Needless to say I am pretty excited for this week’s review and giveaway of RePlay Recycled.

If you’ve never heard of Replay, you’re not alone. I only recently found them myself. They make kids dishes; plates, cups, eating utensils, bowls, etc. What makes them different? Their products are made from recycled milk jugs AND they are 100% made in the USA! On top of that they are dishwasher safe! What more could you ask for?

I know what you’re thinking, this sounds great but buying local and made in America products is expensive. I’m a big fan of supporting local and American companies, but admittedly can’t always afford to do so. Most of the time these companies have a higher price tag. Not so with Replay! Check out their prices and products here.

I chose the navy blue set and we love it. The color is true, deep and vibrant. These products are durable and sturdy. My kids are tough on just about everything, these dishes stand up to even my tough terrors. Boy K can grip and use all of the utensils and cups with no struggles.

When I washed everything in the dishwasher I was anticipating towel drying them like I do with our other kid dishes. Nope! They all came out dry and ready to put away (I still had to dry the other plastic dishes.)

I thought and tried everything for this review with these dishes (except the microwave – don’t do that) and I have nothing but great things to say about these dishes. Yes I would absolutely recommend these dishes.

K has always enjoyed playing with silverware and now that he has some in his own size meal time is his time! Even at just over a year old he can hold and use the sippy cup with ease. Love these dishes!


Now that you’ve fallen in love with these dishes, let’s do the giveaway! This set has the divided plate, fork, spoon and no spill sippy cup, shown here in aqua. If you win the giveaway you choose your color set, and there are plenty to choose from! (I love that they have more than basic colors.)

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If you’d like more information on Replay Recycle here are their social media links: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and their website here.

The giveaway will end May 30th at 11:59pm ET and the winner will be announced the morning of 1 June.