Admittedly, I love fried food but I’m trying to make my delicious fried foods delicious and healthy (ok healthier).  Don’t get me wrong, I love my fruits and vegetables but some of them need an extra boost for my and my family’s tastes. So when we got an eggplant in our vegetable share I went looking for something tasty. I found a few recipes; eggplant parmesan, ratatouille,  and a few vegetable bakes. I decided to keep it simple and do fried but baked eggplant.

I started with this recipe and went from there. I started by sweating the eggplant. I also did not need or use as much of the breadcrumbs as the recipe suggested. They turned out pretty good, even the picky kid eaters ate them.

Notes for next time: slice eggplant thinner and also increase the baking time slightly for a hopeful firmer outcome.

Baking the eggplant over frying was a definitely healthier choice than frying. It is always great when I can get the kids to eat their vegetables!