As a mom I have a running list in my head of who will eat what in our house. Don’t get me wrong at meal time you eat what you get and nothing else. I am not about to make and clean up after four separate meals each time we eat.  If your kids are like mine getting them to eat vegetables is tricky. Even AJ is picky about how and what kind of vegetables he eats!

I admit I am not the most adventurous when it comes to trying new foods either. Thankfully we have a local produce co-op, Purple Dragon where we are able to purchase roughly 25 lbs of fresh produce every two weeks. There are staples we normally buy and others we normally wouldn’t without specific plans in meals. Last time for us it was zucchini. I personally love how versatile zucchini is but the kids see green vegetable and think ick! My usual hiding places for vegetables are in ground meat, omelettes or breads. I wanted something new and thus began the search! Via Pinterest I found this recipe for zucchini tots! Ok maybe not the most nutritious way to get them to eat vegetables but it was worth a shot and I had the right amounts of everything the recipe called for!

The most time consuming part is shredding and drying out the zucchini. Other than that it was tots (not cake)! Now I am a realist and knew these wouldn’t come out tasting exactly like their potato version but I hoped the kids would devour them, especially after the effort. Do you know how wet zucchini is when you shred it? Vegetable juice!

When all was said and done the tots took longer to bake than the recipe stated by about 5 minutes. That’s negligible when cooking, ovens vary. However they were still wet on the inside, like a soft cookie. After all the drying and squeezing water out there was still too much water in the tots for them to be crispy. Maybe the original recipe was posted using a smaller grater than the one I have, that could make a difference in the moisture retained.

All in all I love the idea behind the recipe and the ease from start to finish. This recipe isn’t quite a keeper for my family but I will use it again and make adjustments for my taste.

What are some ways you hide vegetables in meals for your picky eaters?