First outfit. First crawl. First step. First pair of shoes. First food. First word. First tooth. So many first experiences in the first year of life! No wonder babies take naps and sleep so much!

Baby K had his first tooth come in when he was 5 months old. The poor kid didn’t get just one tooth but four! All within days of each other. Over the following two months four more teeth poked out for a total of EIGHT teeth by the time he was 8 months old.

Today was another first for baby K. Little man has his first dentist appointment! All of our kids see Dr. Shamim in Milford. He is a pediatric dentist with a group of wonderful dental hygienist.


He was not thrilled with the hygienist being in his mouth. She was gentle and patient with him. Dr. Shamim came in later to check K’s teeth and mouth. All was well.

Overall K did very well and was a little trooper getting his teeth checked for the first time! Soon he will have his first molar! Eek I’m not ready for that.

Do you remember your child’s first dentist visit? How old was he/she? Tell me your experiences.