It has been over a year since we had family photos taken. In that time we have all grown and changed, including adding an additional  member of our family! I found a woman in my community with photography skills starting her business. She has a page here on Facebook. We had family photos and birthday photos of the little kids done as well.

There was not a single photo of the entire family where we were all looking at the camera at the same time. I love it! We have staged photos of everyone looking, but I find the best photos are more candid and free. The viewer gets a small glimpse into the personalities of the people being captured this way. Here are a few photos of our little family.

Deb gave us three wonderful photo shoots in one. She has a studio in her home for indoor photo shoots. She took the time to understand what we wanted and explained what would happen. She gave attention to the kids providing us with many amazing photos. Each of their beautiful personalities shine thru each photo. Taking pictures is as easy as the click of a button. Capturing moments, life and personality are a talent and skill. Deb possesses this skill and we will gladly use her services again in the future.