Running a household requires organization and I am admittedly not always the most organized. At times I have what I like to call an organized mess, sometimes on the desk, the kitchen counters or *gasp* the pool table! One thing we do is keep a running monthly calendar of everyone’s appointments, play dates, work schedules, etc. We were doing this on a large white board hanging in our hall. It works relatively well, only every quarter I find myself taking the entire thing down to scrub and purge.

While reorganizing our laundry room and storage I happened upon chalk markers. I had been looking for chalk and labels specifically for labeling storage bins, but I had never heard of or thought there was a chalk marker!

I found Debbie Lynn Hi Voltage neon chalk markers at Walmart for an average price. Bright neon colors on my black chalkboard painted pantry door? YES PLEASE! Before I got home I had plans for my new chalkboard calendar and all the bin labels I could find! Here are my pros and cons after one use.


The markers have magnetic strips on the lids for easy and safe storage on a fridge.
The lid also has a built in eraser, great for quick small fixes.
The colors are neon! Neon + black chalkboard = eye popping color!
The chalk goes on wet and dries to a chalk like substance.
No more chalk dust on your hands!

CONSMy markers did not last labeling six bins.
Shaking the markers to make them work caused the erasers to fall out.
The magnets are not glued onto the lids as mine fell off the fridge and the magnets are lost.
The erasers are small and meant for small immediate erasing, not for complete removal.

I created my chalk calendar and had to resort to using only one color, pink, as the other two could not hold up. As is these colors are not vibrant, this is how I would expect to find the markers to perform at the end of their use, not the beginning.

*I do have an email in to the customer service at Debbie Lynn Inc regarding these Hi Voltage chalk markers. When I receive a response I will update and let you know.