As first time home buyers we really went into the entire homeowner process with blinders on. Something always needs to be fixed or we want to update a room or an appliance needs repair. As my Grandma says, “There’s always something.”

When we were looking at houses I knee I had to have the laundry on the main floor or on the floor with the rooms. I did not want a basement laundry room separate from the main living area. Luckily all our living space (for now) is on one floor.  What I have come to not like is the narrowness of the room.

The laundry room is off the garage, sharing a wall with the garage, one is an outside wall, another is the front room and the final wall shares piping with the hallway half bath. I would love to have it more open but that can’t happen without redoing the plumbing and I’m not ready for that. Besides I don’t think I’d want to give up the half bath. So I make do (first world problems I know).

Having unused walls and space makes me a little crazy in my on home. So I decided to take advantage of the laundry room bring off the garage and make the hall into the laundry a mud room while adding storage shelves in the actual laundry room.

I cleared out, cleaned, and organized
cleaning supplies, floors, first aid kits, and much more. I stripped the walls, moved the washer and dryer out of the way, scrubbed the floors and walls and still wasn’t happy. Unsure of a color I went with a simple white paint for the laundry room. I can always choose a color later but the dirty smoker yellow colored walls needed to go.

Outside wall mid cleaning
Fromt room wall mid painting

Do you see the difference in color?

Shelves going up for storage

I now have the shelves completed and stocked with storage items. I couldn’t find the wall spackle to fill holes before finishing the paint job but the shared bathroom wall and shelves are finished. I love that everything is within an easy reach and visible now.

When I am completely finished I will do another post of the complete project. There’s always something, right?