As a homeschool family we are always looking for new ways to entertain and educate our kids. The challenge is finding something for everyone as they are are in high school and primary school. They can hardly agree on which movie to watch for movie night or game for family game night. You can imagine my excitement when I found something for all of us to play together!

My new find is a game called Shout Out from an Etsy shop Rise and Shout.Bonus, it is a game so the kids don’t feel like they are being forced to learn or do school work! As a family we all play together in this fun and interactive game.

The shop owner creates new categories frequently to keep the game fresh and new. We currently have site words 1 & 2 as well as the Symbols of Christ pack. Instantly after purchasing the game I was able to download the files and print them right at home on my computer! The images are created to allow the purchaser to cut the game pieces into squares or circles. We printed ours on card stock and cut the pieces into squares.  I did not print the images on the reverse side. I let the eldest, Dawn, write on and decorate the reverse sides for art class credit, shh she doesn’t know it was school work!

The cards have pictures and words, allowing those who can’t read to still play and have fun. I played a few one on one games with our teenager, she won some and I won some. We added in Stephanie for a few rounds. She had a fun time trying to make a match before anyone else did and was so proud of herself when she did!

The game is truly fun for everyone, we even got AJ to play, he can be a bit competitive with games, Dawn gave him a challenge and won some rounds one on one. For a few dollars the games provide hours of family fun, entertainment and learning for the young ones.

Melanie has games for the entire family, go check out her shop and get a few games for yourself! Use MELANIE20 for a 20% off discount in her shop and start playing Shout Out with your friends and family today!20160306_172023.jpg

*All opinions and statements are my own in this review and I was not compensated for this blog review of Rise and Shout.