Hello, my name is Christina and I am a hoarder.

I’m not a hoarder to the point where I need serious intervention but I will admit I have a problem. I have been slowly purging things here and there from our home but nothing completely. My worst space is probably my attic. However I can find things tucked away in almost any room of my home. I do not like it!

A few days ago I mentioned Konmari, and a friend told me about A Bowl Full of Lemons. There are aspects of each method I want to incorporate. Maybe eventually I will be able to completely organize and decluter my home. For now I will take bits and pieces.

Let’s start in the closet. Our master bedroom closet currently houses clothes for myself, AJ, and Baby K. We have a five drawer dresser outside the closet as well. It is a tall dresser as opposed to a long vanity dresser. Most of our clothes are on hangers, making it easy to purge, but you know I don’t.

Konmari suggests dumping everything out of the closet completely and only putting back what you absolutely need/want. The book talks about emotional ties with items, and an item bringing happiness. If an item no longer brings you happiness and is in good using condition, donate it so it can bring happiness to someone else. Those aren’t the exact words, but the jist. Then sort into piles and organize back into the closet in a now clean organized manner. The point of this is to declutter (a lot) and simplify. I am all about simplifying but I don’t think Konmari understood the necessity of a four season wardrobe! I am not going to wear all of my clothes in a three or even six month time span.

Enter the Christina purge.

I have clothes I know I will probably never get rid of; my wedding dress and some ball gowns (hello! I’m an Army wife – we have to have those!) will always be lingering in the back of my closet.

Aside from those items I look through my clothes to determine what I really don’t like anymore. This yields maybe three items. Instead of dumping my clothes on the floor or the bed I turn my hangers around. WHAT!? Yes my hangers are backwards on my rods. As I wear my clothes (wash and hang them back up) the hanger is turned around the right way. This allows a visual of what I do and do not wear. After a year (again, four seasons!) Whatever items are remaining on backwards hangers MUST go. Now in the meantime if I find clothes still backwards and I won’t wear them, then out of the closet they go! Closet space is a precious commodity!

Bam, done! OK not quite. I treat each person’s clothes individually. Baby K isn’t going to be in his clothes long enough so I simply clean out clothes he has grown out of and put in a bin for storage (we plan on having one more). AJ’s clothes were the first to be hung backwards so his clothes are already purged and cleaned out.

Unfortunately while in the abyss (attic) I found three space saver storage bags packed full of clothes, my clothes. ugh! Those came down and were sorted thru. This I did as a dump and purge. Three packed bags became 1.5 bags now under my bed instead of in the abyss.

While my closet may not be up to ABFOL or Konmari standards, it is a start. Eventually there will be a place for all things and all things will be in their place.