Remember the failed pies of pie night 2015? One of them was a delicious looking banana toffee pie. Unfortunately for all my pie loving friends, the pie turned to soup in the fridge. I was baffled. Most other creamy pies have become more firm after setting in the fridge, or sometimes freezer. It would then make sense this pie would also remain and become more firm with age (time in the fridge).

I could not have been more wrong!

“Lemme ‘splain… no lemme sum up” (read in your best Indigo Montoya voice)
Sweetened condensed milk solidifies as it is heated. This new form is sweet, delicious, thick, creamy toffee.
Reverse that process by chilling your delicious toffee creation and there will be toffee soup pie. It is very sad.

Tonight I recreated the pie (I cheated and used a store bought crust graham cracker crust ssh). This was after all an experiment on the filling. Let me tell you it is delicious and will be making an appearance on my pie rotation. Here take a look.

Bananas first
See the delicious caramelization
Top with homemade whipped topping