Remember this post from last year? Well I have had a birthday and moved one year closer to being 40! EEK let us not think on that too long… stop it!

Ok well I did update it with a few things I had accomplished here.

Reading over my list I realize some have been forgotten. I am printing this list tonight and hanging it somewhere as a reminder.

I did sort of complete 27. Send notes/cards for every birthday, anniversary and event during one year for all my friends and family. Okay I sent birthdays to my immediate family members this year. Hey that is one heck of a start if you know how my family is! This may need to happen in more depth next year to include close friends and anniversaries of family members as well.

39. Start a garden to grow own produce, and keep it up.
This one won’t be as easy as I imagined. Our ground is packed solid with rocks. The ground is dirt not soil conducive for growing produce. I did plant a small pellet garden this last year as a test run. We were able to get a zucchini and two tomatoes out of it before the deer ate at it. Those deer are brave. I had the garden against our deck. This will be difficult to do at this house but I will continue striving.

40. Take time out of my day, at least once a month to catch up with an old friend, via phone, visit or letter.
Again, I attempted this but did not complete it every month as planned.

With all of these goals and aspirations fresh in my mind I contemplate them and their purpose. Will I be a failure if I do not complete the task I have set before me? No that is not why I am doing this. I want to challenge myself out of my own comfort zone; to explore the world around me. If I never complete #27 fully to the letter I will be okay. I accomplished something I never otherwise would have. This is the purpose of 40 by 40. Live life unchained.