The end of a calendar year comes filled with holidays, celebrations, gatherings, good food and reflecting on the events of the year. Some bloggers post their most popular posts and talk about those. We could do that, it would be reminiscent of trips, friends, and good times.

Instead I will reflect while you catch up since I haven’t posted anything in a few months. I will revisit my 40 by 40 post this year to discuss where I am at on those goals. Pie Night was a HUGE success this year and as such will have its own post as well.

There have been a few changes around here this year, these are in no particular order.
In April baby #3 was added to our family making us a family of FIVE now. I have become somewhat of a granola mom with him. He is exclusively breastfed, wears cloth diapers, we baby-wear, co-sleep and bed share with him. He is so spoiled!DSCN1239

Another big change for me this year was two-fold. The company LiaSophia went out of business and I started with Younique Products. I love it for many reasons, but started mostly to get my own fabulous makeup at a discount.


The next change is AJ’s. He is no longer full time with the Army. He was able to procure a job as a government employee working at Picatinny in NJ. He works less hours and is able to have every other Friday off. He does have some travel but he is not as stressed as he was with the Army. I love that man, he does so much for our little family.

CPT Hook and Peter Pan out looking for goodies on Halloween! I made costumes this year!

I will do a separate photo/quick update post as well for the holidays. Is it wrong Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all being pushed into one post but Pie Night will be getting its own post? nah… ThanksGivingMas!