I like that title don’t you? You must be here for our 2015 holiday updates.

We went pumpkin picking at a local patch to kick off the fall season. Dawn was at marching band practice, we went after pumpkins to watch them perform.

For Halloween I was able to pull out my sewing machine and feel the crafty juices flow again. That was such a nice feeling. Every other year we do Halloween as a family theme. AJ threw some at the wall, the one that stuck was Peter Pan and CPT Hook, the girls were fairies. It was fun! I made all of our costumes, for the most part. You’ll see…

Dawn dressed up as Vidia, she doesn’t like skirts (so nothing made on her costume), #2 took on Rosetta, very fitting for her; #3 decked out as Peter Pan not Robin Hood. I embodied Silver Mist, and AJ CPT Hook. His shirt and jacket were my favorite pieces to make!

Thanksgiving was quick and easy at our house. No one came for a visit and we had no one else eating at our house. AJ decided to deep fry the turkey. Good idea: shorter cooking time. Bad idea: cooking a bit too long. It wasn’t as moist as I thought it would be, oh well we can try again another time.

Christmas was fun. We stayed local and attended a few functions between work, church and friends. All in all we had a good time together as a family and for us, these holidays are about family.