This April we were blessed to add Killian to our little family, making us a family of five. He is such a bundle of joy but it has been five years since we had a baby and let’s face it, a lot has changed. We needed to make decisions on what and how to raise this little one. Along with sleeping and eating we needed to determine what diapers we would buy. Through a friend I learned about cloth diapers a few months prior and I began looking into using cloth diapers for this baby. With the cost of disposable diapers and the thought of adding more trash in his world’s land fills, cloth diapers was looking like the best option. Besides there are a ton of cute and fun prints on cloth diapers!

AJ was supportive but hesitant to begin our cloth diaper (CD) journey. I purchased a few used diapers here and there and had a good small stash to start.  Here we are four months into CDing and we love it! We have mostly pocket diapers for right now but are venturing into the various types and brands available.

The questions I am asked most are about rashes, changing time and laundry. IF he gets a rash it is because I did not change his diaper when it was full. He does not get a contact rash from the diapers we have been using or the inserts (don’t ever put microfiber inserts in direct contact with baby’s skin). The few times I have found a rash it has usually been from heat/sweat or rubbing because we didn’t check his leg holes. Coconut oil clears it right up and is gentle enough to use on the diapers.

Changing time: The amount of time it takes to change his diaper is about the same as a disposable. The only difficulties we run into are when he is being a wiggle worm, but that would be the same with disposables. If we are out and about I have a travel wet bag to place dirty diapers into until we can get home. Simple and easy.

Laundry: I do laundry for five people now, one of whom (my husband) goes through about two outfits a day on average (it use to be three). So one more load of laundry during the week really is not much different. Since we are still breastfeeding exclusively (aka: ebf), the poo is liquid and not much different than having to wash out pee. Diapers do require their own wash and drying cycle but so do whites, towels and jeans. It is not much more.

If you are interested or curious in cloth diapering I suggest trying it out. Find a local swap/sell group, get a few cloth to try out and see if you like them. If you don’t, well you either have spare diapers on hand or you can resell them. We sure enjoy this new adventure.