I can not believe how much time has gone by. Little baby boy is almost three months old now! Most of the first month of his life was spent sleeping, pooping, crying and eating. Not always in that order and he did not always spend equal amounts of time in each activity either.

Killian on his birth day

At one month he still wasn’t doing much more, but he was growing and getting stronger. He has been holding his own head up pretty much since birth. He continues to grow stronger every day. In our religion we do not baptize babies as they are born with no sin. You can not sin if you can not be held accountable for your actions. What we as members of The Church of Latter Day Saints have instead is a baby blessing. For Killian this was when he was just over a month.

Blessing Day
Blessing Day
So tough being so cute.

We are not yet quite at month three, but he has already mastered the art of rolling over from his stomach to his back. I love this little man, and while it is frustrating not being able to do as many chores or finish projects or even go work out because he wants to be held; I know I must treasure this time for they do grow so quickly. Soon he will be running around with his sisters. For now he is my little baby boy.