There is a country song by Garth Brooks titled “Unanswered Prayers” about the paths life takes us on when prayers are not answered in the way we want them to be. I have had many an unanswered prayer and looking back on life there are some I am truly grateful they were unanswered, as the song says.

The Lord has a plan for us and while we may not know or see what it is, if we trust in Him to do His will, our lives will be blessed. There have been the relationships that didn’t work out, SO glad they didn’t. The jobs I turned down and the jobs I did not receive. I know it sounds clichĂ© but they all were for a reason. I literally would not be married to AJ, living in PA (not sure the blessing there haha), nor would I have two of my three beautiful children.

The specific opportunities and career path I am referring to happened almost eight years ago. I had been working at a small credit union for close to ten years; constantly improving myself, our processes, documents, service and other employees. I was more than qualified for branch manager positions but was told I was “too young” on numerous occasions. One day I was let go, this was unexpected but not without reason, something that could and should have been a warning in most other places but it was termination for me. I was devastated and some days I still am upset about the entire situation. I quickly found new employment, after turning down two other job offers, with Wachovia Dealer Services (now part of Wells Fargo). Through this job I met and married AJ and have the life I now live.

What’s the point? Where’s the unanswered prayers and blessings in disguise? I am glad you asked. The credit union, which I will not name, has undergone serious financial hardships. They have had to close down all but one branch and main office location. They also had to relocate 30 minutes away into a high traffic area. They have recently merged with(read as bought out by) a larger credit union in the southern California area. The new credit union is even further away with main offices in Los Angeles.

The headaches and uncertainty I would have suffered if I had stayed with the company and been promoted to branch manager are trials I did not have to suffer through thanks to those many unanswered prayers. The Lord is amazing and truly does know what is coming for us individually.