Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Between 24/7 “morning” sickness and trying to get ready for baby I just didn’t have time for a post. I will update or backdate you on the events over the last little while but I wanted to post about my hospital experience.

First off this is our third child with just as many OB/GYNs, moving around will do that. I gave all of my past history/info, including the fact that both girls were 10 days past their due dates, had to be induced (no labor at all on my own) and were 10.11 and 10.8 pounds. No we don’t buy newborn anything around here. Come to week 39, no labor indications nothing has changed and the ultrasounds showed the baby at 9lbs 8-12 oz, give or take 23 oz (dude that’s over a pound difference). Friday March 27 was the last ultrasound and the doctor wanted me to be checked into the hospital that day for an induction, I politely declined and said we could wait until my mom arrived the following Wednesday. As with Stephanie’s doctor her concern was I would go into labor anyway and then what would I do if my mom wasn’t here… blah blah… Ya just trust me, I’m not going into labor on my own, it doesn’t happen.

Wednesday 1 April mom arrived, she stayed at the house with the girls and AJ drove me up to the hospital, Orange Regional Medical Center in Middletown, for our 7pm induction appointment. We checked in and things and by 9pm I was strapped up, plugged in and ready to go, except baby wasn’t.

First part of the induction is to help soften the cervix, that was a 12 hour process which resulted in hardly any noticeable changes to the cervix, again DUH! They unstrapped me from the heart monitor and baby monitors and let me walk around for 2 hours until I was to get the 2nd phase of induction, the Pitocin drip. After a night of restless sleep I didn’t want to walk around, I showered, walked for about 30 minutes then climbed into the incredibly uncomfortable labor bed for some much needed sleep. You try sleeping with bands wrapped around your midsection trying to keep the baby’s heart beat on the monitor, not easy at all.

The time came for the promised second part of the induction and no one came into my room. Around 11:30 a nurse came in to let me know they were not able to put in my Pitocin drip yet as all the nurses and doctors were in the operating room with c-section patients, apparently people were actually going into labor but had to have a c-section so they were put ahead of me on the delivery list and I was being bumped. The thing with being induced, especially after receiving the Pitocin, a nurse needs to always be available to watch you and baby’s progress. Chart this one up to understaffed hospital wing.

After walking around the hospital, keeping myself entertained and trying to not go bat crazy, the nurse manager stopped us in the hallway and talked to us about the unfortunate circumstances and assure me they were doing what they could but… blah blah blah. She basically was no more than a people manager and was trying to manage me.. Seriously? I’m in the hospital to have a baby, what am I going to do? Oh yes give you a negative rating for my stay. Nurse manager = people manager = concerned about ratings/numbers, right.

Now we are into Thursday afternoon/evening and I am finally able to get my drugs to bring on the labor. Around 8pm there was a shift change and the nurse came back to my room who was there when I was checked in, loved her, and the other nurse I had as well; Melissa D and Sue Murphy. They were both great women, and about the only positive part of delivering at this hospital. I digress, sorry. Around 10:30 the contractions were getting intense but they weren’t registering as big on the monitor, just consistent. I asked AJ to find me a nurse so I could have some pain killers. I didn’t think I was far enough along in labor for the epidural. Sue came in and checked me, the Pitocin was working, I was dilated to six or seven. She asked if I wanted my epidural, the contractions were getting stronger and she could see the consistency on the monitor. I said sure if I was far enough along, I didn’t want to be delivering and have it wear off.

By 11 I was sitting up on the side of the bed getting ready for the anesthesiologist to do his thing and the contractions were definitely getting stronger. At 11:30pm the drugs were in and I had just started to lay down. I could feel the numbness taking over but could still feel a small amount of pressure in my lower abdomen. The needle man said by 12:00 I would be completely numb and should feel no more pain. I was looking forward to a few hours of rest as I have had previously with the girls deliveries.

This time was different, I could still feel pressure pain and it was not comfortable at all, in fact it was increasing. Dr. Needle (that’s what I’m calling him) was still doing his paperwork and cleaning up, the nurse hadn’t left the room yet either. She checked me and told me the baby was ready to come out, he was right there! Seriously!? She ran to find a doctor and get everyone in the room, the doctor who came in wasn’t even on call yet they weren’t ready for me! I really wanted to push and someone told me not to – Sue said ya that’s not going to help. By the time the room was set up and THEY were ready for me to push I was beyond ready, the doctor broke the water, yep he was coming out in his sack. It was time to push, one and done! Killian was born at 12:01am Friday 3 April 2015.

Other than the super uncomfortable 24 hours of nothing happening, being strapped to a machine in a -contraption resembling a bed it was a great delivery. I’m still debating if I want to do it just one more time…