1. Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time, this pregnant brain is really a thing! It’s also very weird having someone growing inside me and pushing/puling my organs at the same time. Not sure I’ll ever get use to that.

2. Catching up with friends is great and supporting their endeavors (especially when it’s homemade) is even better. Check out Christa’s Chocolates. Delicious, homemade and totally worth it!

3. I have been loving wearing my Jamberry nails again lately. I wore them last summer but then just didn’t use them for a few months. I have had two sets on the last few months. They last weeks! I just took my Valentine’s Day set off as my nails were growing out so much it was starting to look tacky. The Jamberries were still staying on strong though. Love them, check them out here.

4. I am all about debating thoughts, ideals and things of this world but I was actually disgusted by the amount of posts on Facebook about the colors of a dress. I don’t even know where it came from, who wore it, what it was about or the reality behind it. There are far more pressing matters we could be discussing as a city, county, state, nation and people. My two cents on the matter? Someone wanted to do a social media experiment. Let’s discuss local political candidates, ObamaCare and the mess it was is and always will be, welfare reform, immigration laws, helping our fellow man, connecting on a personal level in person with the people who live in our neighborhoods, the gross amount of chemicals and additives we as an American people allow into our food. Good Lord, let’s debate anything but the color of a dress.

5. Since turning off our cable subscription and then our Netflix account I have found I do not miss watching so many shows as I use to when I “missed” them being broadcast. On top of that I get to bed at a decent hour most nights.

6. I really miss going to the gym. I wasn’t a gym rat and not in the best shape but a) I was getting in better shape and b) it got me out of the house doing something for myself.

7. At the age of 30 something I am still earning or realizing new things about myself and others. I have a standard of common courtesy and decency that is not a general standard apparently. Now I’m horrible at writing out thank you cards but I will call or text or send an email or tell the person thank you for whatever they did or gave but I have never been one to completely ignore or disregard someone’s thoughtfulness . To me it is poor manners and just rude. It also makes me feel less inclined to do something for that person in the future. They didn’t appreciate it the first time so why bother putting myself out again? This is just the way some people are though. It is not a necessary intentional rudeness just simply who they are socially. I can either accept it or not, either way it won’t change who I am or who that person is.