Ever have someone tell you or you tell someone else “Be careful what you wish for”? Well there is a reason for this saying, and why we use it so much, it has some validity to it.

For as long as I can recall in my adult life I have been called to play the piano/organ in church. Sometimes it was for primary (where the kids 3-11 go) sometimes it was for the entire congregation and other times it was for Relief Society (world’s largest women’s organization). See in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints congregation members of the ward (like a parish based on geographical location) volunteer their time and efforts in the running of the church. You can always find more detailed information here. When our wards split last summer (growing congregation) I knew but wasn’t ready for the calling again as ward organist (playing the organ during Sacrament services for the congregation). I accepted my calling but had severe troubles and issues for a solid month so much so that I went home crying after church that day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to serve and love music even more I was just feeling burnt out and some days like a monkey. Not to mention I am getting pretty pregnant and sitting up there (well sitting anywhere) was getting pretty uncomfortable and I was getting concerned there would be no sub for me while I was out, ya know having a baby.

So when I was approached by the Bishop (like a local Priest) and told he had something for me I knew it was regarding a calling but was not at all prepared for what was coming. Since our membership is small right now many people are serving in multiple facets. I was ready to take on another task and had been having thoughts/feelings on being called to a new calling recently. Boy I was right but wrong on which calling. I was called to be the 2nd counselor over the Young Women’s (YW) organization. (Auxiliary unit/organization for the 12-17 year old girls). I know Dawn is 14 and in the organization I just thought due to that I wouldn’t be called to the YW presidency. On top of that I was released from  my calling as ward organist. I was shocked and saddened when I found this out. I wasn’t asking to be released I just wanted to make sure there would be someone there when I wasn’t.

Now I have been in my new calling for a few weeks and still getting use to not playing the music but it is all for a purpose and reason. I work with three other women to help guide the girls and teach them. Eek I’m so not ready to teach girls. Give me a lesson in Sunday school, Relief Society or even a talk any Sunday but teaching these young girls is giving me anxiety and I haven’t even taught yet!

Thankfully a friend from a previous ward is amazingly talented when it comes to creativity. She has a TON of creations on Etsy for home and church use. We purchased the planners and are LOVING them. I also made tiles for the theme this year using her printouts as well as birthday bags of rolos with her kiss print outs. I love making things but am not creative so I love having her creations at my fingertips! Check out her shop and blog!

So long in the short of it, be careful what you wish for, even in your heart you never know what might come your way because of it.