The little one is always wanting her picture taken or doing something silly, cute or just being herself. Littleisms… I’ll work on that but in the meantime here are some of my favorite things she has been up to lately.

She has been taking dance lessons locally and really enjoys it.
20141029_130515[1] 20141029_130231[1]

Like her father, she loves to stretch out on the couch and put her feet up on anyone sitting near her, usually me. Then begins the “Mommy will you rub my feet please?” Seriously her father’s daughter.


Oh the faces she makes when posing for a picture. It is also a normal site to see her wearing one of her “dress up” dresses on a regular daily basis. This day it was Super Girl with her soft pink booties.


Here is her Halloween stash. No we did not let her keep it all. I know I’m mean, whatever. haha