Going back through my posts and photos I realized there were a few things I missed in October. In no particular order…

Halloween – we decided to not do a “family” theme this year. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on costumes either so I pulled something together for AJ and me. We were Catwoman and Batman. Yes he still wears the sweater.

Another after shot for a better look.

Dawn, after many ideas, landed on a “cereal” killer and the little of course wanted to be a princess, Princess Aurora to be precise (aka Sleeping Beauty).

A few weeks before Halloween we found ourselves down at FT Indiantown Gap (FTIG) for a special event. While killing time waiting for said event (I’ll get there) I took the girls over to Hershey to play around. Little did I know the amusement park was actually still open, I was not prepared for a day at the amusement park so we did the Hershey World experience instead. We took a tour, learned about making chocolate, made our own chocolate bars and just had fun together.
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We were down in the area for a special event. AJ was getting promoted to Captain and officially taking command of the unit. He addressed the troops, the Colonial said a few words then asked me to “pin” him. Colonial ripped off the old rank and I punched on the new one. No one really showed me how to do it but that’s okay. It was my first time and I’m so proud of AJ and glad I was able to be there to support him. The COL had a bit more difficult time getting his rank off the hat, it was pretty tightly pinned down.
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