I did actually get Andrew and Elizabeth a gift to open for the wedding (black and white cookies – they love them and can’t get them in Utah), on top of airfare to fly out there and helping with the reception and yada yada. However when I was visiting my brother and sister in law (Joe and Sarah) I noticed she had some really cute homemade Christmas tree ornaments with flowers in them. I decided I had to make some. I gathered some flowers post reception and brought them home with me. Went to Walmart bought some supplies and came up with these cute little ornaments.

20141222_103239[1] 20141222_103213[1]

20141222_103203[1] 20141222_103131[1] 20141222_103103[1]  20141222_103046[1]

As is Adams family tradition, Andrew also now has his very own handmade Christmas stocking. Here it is finished with his name on it. Grandma has officially bowed out as the family stocking maker so now it’s my turn I suppose. Mom doesn’t have time to make them and I’m the only other one who has ever successfully made any.


This one is for Renee & Dane’s baby girl. They haven’t picked out a name yet so I am waiting to send hers out. Then I need to find one for Killian and another for Joe & Sarah’s new baby they are expecting next year! It’s going to be the year of the baby!20141020_194844[1]